Oh my gosh,  I love this Halloween idea for a brain specimen jar!  It’s inexpensive, everything you need is at the grocery store and is a great Halloween effect. 

Martha Stewart concocted this frightful specimen jar idea and she  has several fun Halloween books & Magazines with lots of other creative ideas for reasonable prices on Amazon:

Here’s the recipe for Martha’s Frightful Specimen Jar Concoction!

Use a side table to hold the work of a mad scientist. Fill a few glass vessels more than halfway with colored water (mix 3 drops green or 1/2 drop red food coloring in water; add a few tablespoons milk for murkiness). Peel off outer layers of a cabbage head for a brain specimen; use a fennel bulb with the fronds cut off for a heart.

If a specimen is too large for the jar’s opening, cut it in half and stick it back together with skewers once it’s inside. With a glue stick, attach a printed or written label on the container.

Thanks, Martha Stewart!

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